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Oily waste can

  • Oily waste can
  • Oily waste can
  • Oily waste can
  • Oily waste can
Oily waste canOily waste canOily waste canOily waste can

Oily waste can

  • MODEL: H*W*D mm
  • 490*440*425
  • Volume: L
  • 35
  • Product description: Widely used in production lines, workshops, laboratories, canteens, front desk and other places.

Product Detail

OSHA compliant Oily waste can is specially used for collecting oil-soaked(e.g. combustible solvent, Linseed oil, other flammable liquids)rags and cloths to effectively prevent the fire risks.


◆Handle design, easy to carry and emptying.
◆Self-closing lid design to keep it closed when not in use so as to isolate wastes from fire source and limit the amount of oxygen ,therefore to eliminated effectively the risks of spontaneous combustion.
◆Galvanized steel structure (0.8mm thick)with epoxy resin coating on both inside and outside walls to make the product more durable and chemical resistant.
◆The cylindrical structure and heightening type bottom can promote the flow of air around the bucket.
◆Pedal design to liberate hands in operation.
◆Different sizes of oil waste can meet the use of different environmental requirements. It is very convenient to make choice.


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